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Aucun fuck
Much like parking meters, unoccupied library seats expire after one hour. 

Much like parking meters, unoccupied library seats expire after one hour. 

Four Years in Review

The November 10tini (2011)

The undisputed forerunner to #6party, the riots and occupation of November 10 were the initial catalyst for what would later become McGill Memes. This libation is an homage to those who witnessed this cataclysmic event, which was difficult given the abundance of tear gas and pepper spray in the air. 

1 1/2 oz. Tanqueray 10 
1/2 oz. Black pepper vodka
1/4 oz. Dry vermouth (the dryer the better)

For the pepper vodka: Add two tablespoons of cracked peppercorns to a 750 ml bottle of vodka and steep for a week.

Place all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and stir for 30 seconds (never shake a martini). Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a skewered cocktail onion. For a festive flair, use miniature police batons instead of toothpicks!

Four Years in Review

The first protest I ever saw at McGill took place after the admin closed the Arch Cafe in MacDonald-Harrington. What stuck me was both the bitterness and effervescence of the demonstration, combining student outrage with music and performance. This cocktail emulates that bubbly and bittersweet moment. 

The Arch Cafe Campari (2010)

2 oz. Campari
1 oz. Rosemary simple syrup 
Soda water

For the rosemary syrup: Combine one cup of sugar and one cup of water in a saucepan. Add 2-3 sprigs of crushed fresh rosemary. Simmer on low heat for 20 minutes then set aside to cool. 

Fill a Collins glass with crushed ice, then add the Campari and syrup. Top up the glass with soda water. Stir to combine and garnish with a lemon wedge and sprig of rosemary.

Arguing with your TA to change your grade 

Trying to get a document from Service Point

Trying to get a document from Service Point

Anonymous asked: Hey, I'm deciding between McGill and a couple other schools for next year, and I was wondering how gay life is on campus?

Campus life is gay life

As classes wind down and we gear up for exams, the time has come to look back on the 2013-2014 school year. However, since this is my last semester at McGill, I have decided to forego a traditional “Year in Review”. Instead, I will look back on my four years at this truly formative institution. So kick back and raise your glass to the milestones of McGill’s foray into the second decade of the 21st century. 

First up: The SSMUburgh (2010) 

This drink is crafted in honor of SSMU’s most handsome president and consummate politician, who like many millennials nearly lost his job over a half-baked start-up. 

2 oz. tequila
1 oz. triple sec
Juice of half a lime
Dash of liquid smoke
Pickled okra for garnish

Shake all the liquid ingredients vigorously over ice. Serve on the rocks in a salt rimmed margarita glass and garnish with the pickled okra. Just like Zach Newburgh, this libation is smokey, sweet, salty and slimy!



Getting out of bed to go to your last conference

Thanks to Jean-Guillaume Debray for the inspiration!

Thanks to Jean-Guillaume Debray for the inspiration!

Courtney Ayukawa, shantay you stay. Tariq Khan, you are a fiercely competitive queen, but it’s time to SSMUve on to bigger and better things. Now sashay away.